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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Years Later.....

So if not posting for thirty five days was slacking, not posting for two years is the holy grail of slacking.

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2012. I'm still heavy and struggling, even farther from my original goal now then I was when I started this blog. Disappointed in myself is an understatement, but being a true optimist, I believe that second (and third and fourth....) chances aren't only a good idea, they're pretty much mandatory. So here I go. Again.

I'm going to try to commit to a healthier lifestyle, working out, eating right, and getting down to a size 14 by next December.

I'm gonna try a new way of doing this. When last we met I was weighing myself everyday---too stressful! It made me weight conscious, yes, but it also made me feel like a disgusting amoeba every time I gained weight when I was doing the right things. It made me obsessive and bitter, and not entirely a pleasant person to be around. So this time I will be weighing in bi-monthly as soon as I purchase a scale.

I live in my own house now, so I control what comes in and what doesn't. I have a lovely boyfriend who cooks foods for me that satisfy the requirement of 500 calories per meal, no exceptions. He has lost quite a bit of weight himself, and his success will also be my success through his wisdom and help. I'm a great cook myself, but I needed a little help in the department of how to make things I like in a way that cuts those nasty calories. So last night I had enchiladas and a salad for under 500 calories. Woo! I can eat things I like! I'm also committing to no fast food except in situations where it can't be avoided, and even then I will meet my 500 calorie mark.

As far as exercise goes, I have signed up for a low-impact aerobics class this quarter. This will be good for my bum knee and I figure if my fitness is tied to a grade, I may work harder at it. It's an hour 3 times a week, and the professor boasted that her class was a weight shredder. I am really excited for this actually.

So that's the update. I'll begin posting food logs and recipes next week as well as my daily pedometer counts and the bi-monthly weigh ins.

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